Roberta Holden was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1977. She earned a BA in Geography from the University of British Columbia and a certificate in photography from Focal Point, the Visual Arts Learning Institute. An official artist of the International Polar Year (2007-08), Roberta currently volunteers as a search and rescuer with the Lions Bay Mountain Rescue Team north of Vancouver. Roberta is represented by ‘Galerie Gora’ in Montreal, Canada and ‘Chambre avec Vues’ in Paris, France.

Growing up on a sailboat on the coast of British Columbia and harvesting wild rice on isolated lakes of Manitoba for the first fourteen years of her life, Roberta developed a love of remote and rugged environments, solitude and open spaces. From these early experiences grew an insatiable curiosity to explore and the invaluable skills of self-reliance that laid the groundwork for her later mountaineering and single-handed offshore sailing projects. It seems just as natural that these inspirations would fuel her passion for photography and, that photography in turn would allow Roberta to continue her explorations from a new perspective.